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Being a United States military veteran may come with certain problems, but there are also a good number of benefits if you know where to look for them.  Unfortunately, individual grants from the government to individual veterans are not something that you will find available.  In fact, with very few exceptions the United States Government does not give out grants to individuals or small businesses unless they fit very specific categories and meet very specific requirements.

While you may be able to find local programs that will provide cars to low income families, it is rare that active duty military members will fall into these categories.  Sometimes veterans may fall into these categories, but chances are that with the multitude of health and financial benefits available to veterans and service members alike are rather slim.

That being said, while you might not be able to get a car or other form of personal transportation from the government even as a veteran, the US government is determined to bring affordable transportation to service members and veterans as well as to their families.

They understand that being able to get to where you are going is an important part of being able to better your life, which is why the United States Department of Transportation has joined forces with the Departments of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Labor, Department of Defense as well as with the Department of Health and Human Services in order to establish a new Initiative.

About the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative

This initiative is called the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative (VTCLI) which is dedicated to improving transportation available to service members, veterans and their families in locations where there are high concentrations of military members.

These grants are available to transportation service providers (such as metro and commuter bus services, train services, taxi services and the like) which provide transportation services to military service members, veterans and those who can be counted as their dependents.  While it in no way offers enough money to fully fund any transportation system, it does give considerable sums of money to transportation service providers who are willing to adjust their routes or time schedules in order to accommodate military or veterans who may need their services, especially if they offer discounts to these veterans for using their services.

The only problem is that most of those who receive these kinds of grants are already established transportation service providers in larger cities where military or veterans happen to make up a large segment of the population, for the monies available are not usually sufficient for setting up an entirely new transportation service.

If you would like more information on the Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative or how to go about getting grants for your organization that is committed to providing transportation services to service members and veterans, then contact: FTA Grants

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