Veteran’s Scholarships And Grants

Are you or is someone you know a Veteran?  If so, you may want to look into veterans’ scholarships and grants.  Indeed, you may have just discovered your means of financing your college education for both the government and private institutions alike are more than generous when it comes to providing funding; both scholarships and grants for vets to go back to school.  But where do you start looking?

What Kinds of Scholarships and Grants are Available?

When it comes to veterans scholarships and grants there is one primary source of funding; The Department of Defense.  The military is nothing if not generous with its enlisted and retired personnel and the sheer number of scholarships available through the government for veterans and their families prevents us from being able to offer a comprehensive list.  However, a selection of the types of funding available has been shared here to give you an idea as to just what kind of funding is available.  Some of these are available to anyone who has served.

Other types of funding are only available to those vets who have seen combat duty, or for the family members of those veterans who died in service, or for disabled vets or vets from specific branches of the military, so it helps to have an idea of what it is you are looking for before you go searching.

Of course there are also private organizations that also award scholarships and grants to veterans.  While these are not as numerous as those given out by the Department of Defense, they do exist, and with a little research you will probably be able to find more than you bargained for.

Examples of Department of Defense Scholarships and Grants

The Montgomery GI Bill.  This is probably one of the best funded means of financing an education available to vets of all types.  Each service member is eligible for free or almost free education. Specific amounts of money are allotted for every service member for the furthering of their education.  If they claim this money, it can be used to enroll them in accredited courses that will lead to the completion of a degree program.  The benefits are payable up to ten years after the vet has been released from active duty and can help retiring vets transition into higher paying jobs after they have left military service.  For more information on the benefits inherent in the Montgomery GI Bill, please visit: GI Bill Benefits

Veterans Scholarships for Military Children.  If you are a veteran, your children may also qualify for scholarships thanks to your status.  Both survivors of deceased military members and those who are active duty may qualify for specific scholarships worth $1,500 each which is given out every year to those who qualify.  For more information go to: military scholarship

Example of Non-DOD Veterans Scholarships and Grants

Veterans Scholarships and Awards for Disabled War Veterans.  These scholarships and awards are given to disabled veterans, reservists or National Guardsmen who were disabled due to injuries received during active duty combat during Iraqi Freedom Operations or Enduring Freedom Afghanistan operations.  While the monies are distributed by the AFCEA Educational Foundation which is funded by contributions from Microsoft.  For more information, please go to: AFCEA

While this list is not comprehensive it will hopefully give you a place to start looking for more grants and scholarships for veterans and their families as a thank you for having served their country.

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