Spinal Cord Injury Grant

Spinal Cord Injuries are not to be taken lightly.  They can range from mild injuries that simply cause discomfort and which can be readily fixed through various medical procedures, to completely debilitating injuries that can completely change the way that a person lives their life (if they survive the injury at all).  The only thing that remains consistent throughout it all is the cost of the procedures and the extensive amounts of money involved in adapting to a completely new lifestyle.  This is where spinal cord injury grants come into play.

Grants for spinal cord injuries come in one of two types; either for those whose lives are directly impacted by the injury or by funding research for those organizations that are looking into ways to correct spinal cord injuries in the future.

The grants for spinal injuries can be found either from government agencies which fund programs that relate to research or which are given out to organizations or foundations that in turn screens the candidates to whom they award the grant monies that they receive.  So what kinds of grants for spinal cords injuries?

Types of Spinal Cord Injury Grants

The following is a list of grants for spinal cord injuries.  The first two are specifically aimed at those individuals who have undergone traumatic spinal cord injuries; injuries which have transformed their lives and to which the individuals are trying to adapt.  These are called quality of life grants and they are designed to help individuals adjust to their new circumstances and way of living.  They are supposed to help defray expenses for in-home care, for specialized equipment and devices to make everyday activities easier to deal with.  The last two listings are those that are provided for researchers who are looking into ways to treat spinal cord injuries.

The Christopher and Diana Reeve Foundation is a foundation set up by Christopher and Diana Reeve (yes, the Christopher Reeve of Superman fame).  Mr. Reeve was injured in a horseback riding accident and had his life changed drastically because of his spinal cord injury.  The foundation set up in his name was to help others with the same problems; individuals who could not afford the kind of things that Christopher with his acting money had been able to afford.  These quality of life grants come in a variety of amounts and can be used for a variety of different uses for those who suffer from paralysis.  For more information please visit: Christopher and Diana Reeve Quality of Life Grant

The Craig H. Neilson Foundation is another organization that provides quality of life grants to those who have suffered from spinal cord injuries.  Information on the kinds of grants provided by this organization can be found at: Craig H. Neilson Foundation

The Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Fund Research Grant Program provides monies to institutions that are looking to fund those who are looking for research funding.  For more information go to: Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Fund Research Grant Program

The DoD Spinal Cord Injury Qualitative Research Award is another means of funding for those looking for research funding for spinal cord injuries. Spinal Cord Research Funding

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