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Grants for the social sciences are not something you hear about every day.  In fact, for those who are studying the social sciences in college, finding a grant sometimes seems next to impossible.  While there are a number of sources for social science grants, these sources themselves have a hard time finding funding for the grants and scholarships that they award to deserving students. So exactly what kinds of social science grants are available?

Types of Social Science Grants

When you come right down to it, there are two main types of social science grants.  First there are the grants that are given to individuals.  These grants are usually awarded by individual colleges and universities, though sometimes they are made available through private foundations or organizations. Then of course there are also grants that are given to the colleges, universities, foundations and organizations that give the grants.

Where to Find Social Science Grants

If you are an individual who is taking social sciences, the best place to start looking for social science grants is at your school’s financial aid office.  They will have a listing of the different kinds of scholarships and grants available to different students in their various programs.

If your school does not have social science grants or scholarships available, then you may want to check with local foundations or organizations in your area that may offer scholarships to individuals studying the social sciences. If, however, you are a college, university, foundation or organization looking for funds for your own social sciences program or in order to give out grants to social sciences students you have options of your own to choose from.

About the National Council for the Social Studies

One of the most interesting sources for social science grants comes from the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS).  This organization annually grants large chunks of money not only to individuals but to larger groups or organizations as well which in turn run programs or award grant monies of their own.

The National Council for the Social Studies awards these monies through a quite convoluted application process, but it is open to researchers, authors, teachers and others who are working on programs related to the social sciences.  From funding research programs to supplying a teacher with the funds they need in order to run the educational programs that they need in order to educate their students with things related to the social sciences.

There is a good bit of information that is needed in order to apply for a grant from the NCSS, but they are known for giving out a good deal of money to those who truly deserve it and it is worth applying for, especially if you are able to actually land one of their grants.

National Council for the Social Studies annually recognizes teachers, researchers, authors, and other worthy individuals or programs through its recognition programs. National Council Awards

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