Sea Turtle Grants

Sea turtles are marvelous creatures, and those who follow their unique mating, migration and nesting rituals will be able to tell you that they are in grave danger of becoming extinct due to the interference of humans and the overabundance of predators.  It is for this reason that Florida’s Sea Turtle Grants Program was put into place.  But why should the extinction of sea turtles be such a concern to so many people?

A Short History of the Sea Turtle Problem

Every year sea turtles climb out onto the beaches in order to lay their eggs.  They then head back to the oceans and swim away, leaving their young to fend for themselves and find their way to the ocean on their own.  Due to the interference of humans and the increase in predators in the last ten years there has been nearly a 50% drop in the number of sea turtles nesting along the Florida Coastline, which just happens to be home to over 90% of the sea turtles to be found in the United States.

In response to this disturbing information, more and more local ecological and conservation programs have increased their efforts and of course they need funding, which is why the Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program was initiated.

About the Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program

The Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program is entirely sponsored by the sales of Florida’s special sea turtle license plates.  Started in 1996, the money from the sales of these plates gets awarded as grants to a number of organizations and local governments that are looking to work towards improving the sea turtles’ odds.

These license plates were designed especially for this cause and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles guarantees that every penny of the money that is spent on these specialty plates goes towards the “Helping Sea Turtles Survive” program that produces the plates and then turns the money over to the Florida Sea Turtle Grants Program.

About Individual Grants for Small Groups and Organizations

There are a number of local groups, governments and organizations that are actively participating in making sure that the sea turtles survive.  In order to do this they may mark out sea turtles’ nests and ensure that they don’t get dug up by predators.  They may also keep an eye out for when the turtles hatch and ensure that they make it to the ocean safely.  While there is still danger once the small turtles reach the sea, most of the danger occurs on the beach before they ever reach the water.

If you are looking to receive a grant for your group or organization; a grant that will enable your group to work towards sea turtle conservation you can apply for a grant with the Florida Sea turtle Grants Program in order to fund your work.  More information on the program including how to apply for a grant for your organization can be found by visiting: Helping Sea Turtles

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