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Recycling has come a long way from its beginnings in the 1970’s when you had to lug carloads of recyclables to centers that had limited hours and very specific collection policies.  Today you see recycling trucks in every community and it is a rare business or organization that doesn’t have collection points for recycling cans and newspapers and other items.  Indeed, instead of being a sidelined issue, recycling has gone mainstream with everyone jumping onboard which is great news for the planet.

But the fact remains that it is expensive to start up recycling programs.  If you are a business or organization you are looking at installing collection points and contracting with a recycling center to come empty them on a regular basis, and all of this on top of educating your employees regarding the importance of the implementation of your new recycling program.  So where can you get the money that you need in order to finance your new recycling project?

Where to Find Financing

While it is a fairly simple thing to implement your own personal recycling project, it can take some serious dollars to do this on a large scale whether for a community, a business or other group or organization.  Below you will find a number of resources for financing for recycling projects.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Recycling Grants.  There are a number of grants and initiatives set up by the EPA that encourage recycling, specifically the recycling of solid waste.  These grants fund the development of programs or projects that eliminate or reduce waste, recycled products and markets for recycled materials.  For more information on these grants as well as what they cover, please visit: Rurdev.USDA

State Initiatives.  Most states also have initiatives in place that fund all or part of recycling projects that meet certain specifications.  These initiatives may not be available to private individuals, but community projects do tend to fall in under this umbrella, so it is a good place to start looking for the financing that you need for your specific project.

Government Direct Grants.  While it is rare that the federal government will fund an individual, they do provide a wide range of grants for all manner of ecological concerns including sustainable living and recycling and particularly the education of the public regarding these topics.  You can check for the kinds of projects currently being funded in order to determine if your organization. For more information on government grants for recycling projects you can go to:

National Recycling Coalition.  While the coalition does not offer any grants themselves, they do keep you up to date on the latest grants that are coming available for recycling projects.  Updated regularly, you can find lots of valuable information on recycling here as well: NRC Program

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