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While it is perfectly understandable to have prisoners locked away where they can do no harm, it is important that a community try to reintegrate the prison inmates into society.  In order to do this they need to undergo a variety of programs and initiatives that will help them to re-enter society when they have served their time.  Unfortunately, most prison systems do not have the funds available in order to allow them to educate their inmates.  While individual prisoners can choose to pay for online educational classes, most of those who end up in the prison systems cannot afford these kinds of programs but instead have to depend on the programs provided to them by the system. This is why prisoner grants can come in so handy.

What Types of Prisoner Grants Are There?

There are so many different kinds of prisoner grants available.  While some of these grants are from individual organizations and foundations, the ones with the biggest amounts of money to spend are those grants from the United States Government.  But what kinds of grants are there?

There are grants and scholarships for education. These scholarships enable prisoners to be able to pursue a degree while they are incarcerated.  Some are able to complete an entire education program during the time that they are in custody.  For others there are training programs that teach specific kinds of skills such as computer skills and other programs.  These programs can land the inmates jobs when they get out of the program, especially if they pursue IT courses that are in high demand. Each of these programs costs more than most prison systems are ready to pay, which is why most training and education programs have prisoner grants available.

Of course there is also a reentry initiative put in place by the Federal Government that is designed to help those inmates who want to have a second chance at being allowed back into society.  The program in question is called the Bureau of Justice Assistance has grants available for prison systems.  These grants enable them to provide assistance to the prisons so that they can provide their inmates with assistance in taking those programs that will best enable them to reenter society.   Information on the Bureau of Justice Assistance can be found at: US Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant

Of course there are also grants that can be awarded to prisoners (and ex-prisoners) from independent organizations and corporations that wish to make an impact on the community by helping individuals reintegrate into the community and to ensure that those in the community who have served their time can become full and active members of the community once again.  This is a serious investment in one’s community and can make all the difference when you want to ensure that things change for the better.

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