Playground Grants Are Easy to Find!

Does your community, non-profit organization, or school need a new playground? Playground grants are an easy way to secure the funding that you may need to make that new playground become a reality! With the innovation that today’s play equipment brings to the educational process of the child, playing should be a healthy and safe way of learning. Even if you don’t need a new playground, the repairs an existing playground may require in order to be safe for children can become extensive and expensive. Playground grants help you install or repair equipment to provide the right environment for learning.

Look For Corporate Grants

More and more businesses today are realizing the importance of playgrounds in local communities, schools, and other places where children come together. That’s why many of them have started private funding playground grants as a way of giving back to their local communities. Here’s some examples:

  • Lowe’s offers grants for new playground equipment or to replace worn-out or broken equipment. This grant also includes materials for a soft ground cover, debris removal, wheelchair pathways, and ADA compliant equipment.
  • Walmart gives back over $100 million every year in grants to local communities, including the installation and repair of playground equipment.
  • Best Buy has a competitive grant program in place based on community need and innovation of design.

Playing for just an hour per day can help to fight childhood obesity. When it comes to playground grants, many are finding the money they need through other corporations.

70% of Playground Money Is Privately Funded

The level of money that it takes to build or repair a playground is growing every year, yet one thing remains the same: Over 70% of all monies raised for the building and repair of playgrounds is raised by local parent-teacher organizations. The process of applying for playground grants can sometimes be quite extensive and many community leaders have found that crowdfunding locally with parent grounds can raise the full amount of a playground grant in a fraction of the time it takes to apply for some of them. When playground grants and local fundraising efforts are combined, however, a community can build a world class playground that can help children learn and develop for years to come.

There Are Government Playground Grants Available As Well

In order to fight childhood obesity, many state and national programs are dedicating specific funds to the development of play structures and physical education curriculums. What is available to your local community or organization varies by region and location, so be sure to speak with your local government leaders about these playground grants. On the national level, look at programs such as the Carol M. White program to develop or repair play structures in your community.

Playground grants can help a community provide a better standard of play and education for our children. What could you do to help your community or organization find the money they may need to develop local play structures?

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