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Are you or is someone that you know interested in getting physics grants?  If you are studying physics or are doing research in physics or a related field then you may be eligible for a physics grant of one kind or another.

What Sorts of Physics Grants are Available?

There are a number of different kinds of financing available to those who are studying physics or for those who are doing research into different areas of physics.  For those who are studying physics or related fields, most of the grants that are available are made through the college or university that you are attending.  Your financial aid office will have information regarding the various grants and scholarships available through your particular school. You may be able to apply for a number of grants of various amounts. But don’t over look the Pell grants!

Pell grants are given out by the Federal Government to students who demonstrate financial need.  While not specifically for physics, they will provide assistance to students regardless of their program of study as long as they fall into one of the specific financial categories covered by the Pell Grant.  There are other types of government funding available to students as well.   But in order to determine whether or not you qualify, you need to fill out the FAFSA.  For more information on the FAFSA, please visit:

Between scholarships and grants you may very well be able to pay for a large part of your college education.  Then of course there are the kinds of grants that you would get if you are looking to fund research or special physics-related projects.

Take a look at the Grants to Archives program.  Sponsored by the American Institute of Physics, the Grants to Archives program is designed to fund programs that are looking to make records of the history of modern physics accessible to researchers and educators.  It is a grant especially for archives to help them put these special sorts of archiving programs for physics in place.  The money goes toward preserving, inventorying, arranging and cataloging collections that have to do with the history of physics.  For more information on this grant, please visit: AIP Grant Archives

Another fairly popular physics grant are those made for physics teachers who are researching specific areas of physics or who are looking to set up specific kinds of educational programs for their students in regards to learning more about physics.  These grants are made possible by the American Association of Physics Teachers.  You can find more information on all of the various grants and their specific uses by going to: AAPT Program Grants

Of course these are not all of the physics grants that are available for those studying into physics or for those who are researching various fields and areas of physics.  But with this information you should be able to get a good idea of where to look and what kinds of grants are out there.

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