Nature Photography Grants

Nature photography can be uplifting and inspiring and because of this there are a number of nature photography grants available to those who are pursuing the ultimate pictures of nature.  Unfortunately, unless you are able to get a contract with a major magazine or nature conservancy organization the money in nature photography isn’t that good, which is why being able to land some of these grants and awards can be so important for the nature photographer.

Many of these awards and grants are for professional photographers who are pursuing specific kinds of nature projects.  In fact, for many of these grants competition can be fairly fierce, so it is important that you pay specific attention to the details of the grant applications to ensure that you meet the qualifications.

Examples of Nature Photography Grants

Are you working on a project having to do with nature conservancy?  If so you may want to consider looking into the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s Keystone Initiatives Grants.  This organization is devided into four main sections (bird conservation, fish conservation, marine and coastal conservation, wildlife and habitat conservation).  If a project fits any of these areas you may be able to land funding.  There is also the title of Budweiser Conservationist of the Year that gives out a $50,000 grand prize with runners up receiving $5,000 each.  For more information on these grants and awards please visit: Grant Programs

If you are researching specific areas of nature you may want to consider putting in for a research grant.  These grants can cover a good amount of your research expenses depending on which ones you apply for.  For example, there is the Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant in Marine Environmental History and Historical Ecoology.  This grant is worth $10,000.  There are other research grants of this type available for a wide variety of natural studies.  The best way to find what you are looking for is to type in your specific field in a search engine, add the word “grants” and see what comes up.  The number of grants available that cover your particular area of research just might surprise you.  For more information on the Mia J. Tegner Memorial Research Grant, please go to: Marine Conservation Tegner Grant

When it comes to pure creative effort; pictures taken for the sheer beauty of it and that inspire everyday ordinary people with the capture of different aspects of nature, you may want to look into grants that are geared toward creative effort and artistic skill.  A prime example of grants for this type of natural photography is the National Geographic Photography Grant.  This grant awards $30,000 as well as access to the resources of the National Geographic Society.  One of these grants is given out each year to a photo editor and another to a photographer who are working on natural photography projects that meet their specifications.  For more information please visit: National Geographic Photo Grant

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