Native Hawaiian College Education Grants

Did you know that if you or someone you know is a native Hawaiian or of native Hawaiian descent that you or they may qualify for a native Hawaiian college education grant?

As you know, grants are free money; money that you do not have to give back, unlike the money you get when you apply for a loan.  As you can probably imagine, being able to get your hands on some free money for your college education would be a definite help to anyone who is trying to manage the expenses of a college education.  Luckily, for those who are native Hawaiian by birth, there is a special grant program that has been put in place by the United States Department of Education.  This program is called the Native Hawaiian Education Program.

While there are other scholarships and grants that may be available from various educational institutions as well as from private firms and organizations, the Native Hawaiian Education Program is probably the best known and gives out the largest monetary awards not only to individuals, but to those college and universities or organizations that are looking to give money out to native Hawaiians.

The program sponsored by the US Government for individual Hawaiian natives is called the Native Hawaiian Education Program whereas the program for giving money to organizations and foundations that wish to award native Hawaiians with grant and scholarship money is called a Native Hawaiian Education Grant.

About Native Hawaiian Education Grants

Grants from the United States Department of Education for schools, organizations and foundations that wish to award monies to native Hawaiians but who are lacking the funding are available by filling out an online application.  The application process involves your group or organization obtaining a DUNS number, then registering at and then completing an e-APPLICATION in order to put in for the funds.  There is a bit of specific information that will be required, but the more completely you fill out the application, the better the chances of your organization obtaining the funds it needs.

About the Native Hawaiian Education Program

The Native Hawaiian Education Program was put together by the United States Department of Education as a gesture of goodwill towards those Native Hawaiians who wish to pursue a degree from a college or university.  The monies from this particular competition will go directly to the college which the student is attending.  If you would like more information specifically on this program, please visit: Native Hawaiian Education Program

It only makes sense, with the government giving out so much money every year, for you or your organization to benefit from its generosity, especially if you are looking to help others to achieve their own educational dreams.

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