Mining Grants

Are you looking into funding a specific sort of mining project?  Did you know that there may be mining grants available for the work that you are doing?

Many communities and states or regions have monies put aside to help defray expenses for or to entirely fund specific mining projects.  Mind you the projects usually have to be of specific types and for specific reasons, but you never know, there may just be a mining grant available for you.

Examples of Mining Grants

OSM Grants.  OSM (The Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement) gives out two types of grants to both states and tribal regions.  One kind of grant is the Regulatory Program Grants.  These are specifically for the active mining lands within the state or tribal regions and will pay up to 50% of the cost of necessary regulatory programs for coal mining as long as it is not on federal land.  For coal mining on federal land full funding may be authorized.  For more information on these grants, please visit: OSMRE Grants

Abandoned Mine Land Grants.  These grants are given out in order to encourage the reclamation of old mines for more worthy causes.  These grants can be quite substantial and are given out by the federal government to those organizations that are looking to remove the waste and restore surrounding areas to their original condition in order to help the community.  In order to learn more about this grant, please visit: Abandoned Mine Land Reclamation (AMLR) Program

State Grants.  Individual states may have mining grants which they make available to those who are mining specific kinds of things (coal etc.) or they may have grants which help to defray the expenses of old mine cleanups.  You will have to check with your individual state in order to see what sorts of grants are available for your specific project.

Individual Corporate Grants.  There are a number of organizations that have a vested interest in continuing to see that certain kinds of minerals or metals are mined.  These organizations or businesses may have mining grants available for your specific type of operation.  You will have to do a search with specifics as to your kind of program or research area to see if any of these grants apply to you.

A Note on Getting Grants

As with all grants, make sure that you follow the specifications for grant application to the letter, as any mistakes will most likely be used to weed out undesirable candidates.  If you are in need of serious financial funding, consider hiring a professional grant writer in order to make sure that all of the points in the grant application are covered.  They can cost a bit to hire, but the results are well worth it and it can make the difference between a rejection and acceptance.

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