Landscaping Grants

Did you know that there are landscaping grants available?  That’s right, no matter if you are studying the topic of landscaping or working on landscaping or preservation projects, there may just be grants for which you .

Types of Landscaping Grants Available

Are you studying or considering a career in landscaping?  While there are college and university programs in this area, most landscaping courses are taught as hands on certification programs.  The institutions that offer these programs many times offer grants for students looking to study the subject.  Amounts of the grants can run from token financial help to full-tuition coverage, so do you research!

Another type of landscaping grants is given out by the federal government.  The money actually goes to the states that in turn finance specific types of landscaping or preservation and conservation projects.  For example, the Rural Housing Preservation Grant.

The Rural Housing Preservation Grant specifically funds low income residents in rural areas who are looking to improve their homes by upgrading the landscaping.  These monies are usually available from the individual states and are usually less than $10,000 per project.  If you are looking to find out more information about the project in general, visit: Rural Development Housing & Community Facilities Programs

Another government funded landscaping related grant is the Urban Park and Recreation Recovery Program.  This program is run by the US Department of the Interior and offers grants to states and local governments in order to help upgrade their parks and recreation sites.  The application process goes through the National Park Service and can take quite some time to complete, but the funding one receives in turn is quite worth the effort involved in applying.  For more information on this type of grant, please see:

Another kind of government grant is the Recreation Trails Program.  Offered by the U.S. Department of Transportation, this program gives out grants to states that are enhancing trails for both motorized and pedestrian activities.  Landscaping is necessary in order to get these trails right and to ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing.  If you are looking for more information on these programs, please visit: FHWA Recreation Trails Program

And finally, there is the Sustainable Landscape Grant Program.  This program is usually offered by specific communities who are looking to create sustainable irrigation and plant or garden landscapes that meet specific sustainable specifications.  There is no one website for information on these grants.  Instead, you will need to check with your individual state or local government or township in order to see what sorts of grants are being offered in your particular area.

While there are other more specific grants available for landscaping, this should help by pointing you in the right direction and giving you an idea as to just what kinds of funding for landscaping is out there.

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