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Kentucky Fried Chicken is known for its delicious fried chicken and signature red and white bucket.  But did you know that it is also known for its generous educational programs and its charity programs?  That’s right, while there are no KFC grants (as such) there are plenty of monies available from KFC that can be used to make children’s and students lives easier.

About Kentucky Fried Chicken

Now a worldwide chain of restaurants, Kentucky Fried Chicken (known as KFC) was established in the 1930’s by a gentleman called Colonel Sanders whose home state was Kentucky.  The concept of fried food was a novel one, especially fast fried food.  The fact that his food was affordable and tasted great was important in helping the chain spread.  But as the company grew, so did the colonel’s interest in the children of the neighborhoods where the stores were set up.  Today the scholarship and charity programs instituted by the founder have become exemplary in the scholarship and charity fields.

About the KFC Colonel’s Kids Charity Program

This program was instituted to help provide needy families with money for childcare so that the parents can go back to work without worrying about their children’s welfare.  KFC partnered with the YMCA in order to provide these services and opportunities and have enabled thousands of families across the United States to be able to afford child care.  This in turn allows the parents to be able to hold decent jobs and improve their children’s lives.   These monies have been detrimental in helping many low income families in being able to get out of the welfare programs and become independent once again.

About the KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program

Colonel Sanders was very supportive of advancing a child’s educational opportunities and was always looking for ways to help worthy students in improving their chances at getting a college education.  Because of this the company established the KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program to be able to help as many worthy students as possible to be able to afford a college education.

This program is designed for high school seniors who are looking to attend college.  These scholarships are in high demand mostly due to the fact that you can receive up to $20,000 a year towards a Bachelor’s Degree.  Those who are eligible usually have a high GPA and submit essays on assigned topics which are then assessed.  Other things like community service and extracurricular activities.

This is a highly competitive scholarship, so the more you can demonstrate your exceptional scholastics, the better the chance that you will be eligible for and may even win the much coveted award.  There are also a number of smaller awards given out to students who don’t get the top award.  If you would like more information on either the KFC Colonel’s Kids Charity Program or the KFC Colonel’s Scholar’s Program, please visit: KFC Scholars Page

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