Homeless Grants

There is a growing problem in many American cities and communities, and that is the ever increasing number of homeless individuals who are on the streets.  These homeless are not just individual men or women, but also whole families and large numbers of children who have nowhere to go, and no place to live.

This is an issue that is quickly growing in many communities, especially given the downturn in the economy.  More families have been ousted from their homes.   More individuals are finding themselves down on their luck and with nowhere to turn to.

In order to make certain that communities can deal with these issues by setting up programs for the homeless and by creating group quarters, transitional housing units, rental assistance for homeless persons with disabilities as well as single room occupancy dwellings, a community can make the best of the situation and see to it that all of the community’s members are taken care of as best as possible.  These types of housing can be funded by initiatives by the Federal Government that give Homeless grants to those organizations who arrange for these kinds of housing.

The department in question is the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Homeless Assistance Program not only funds these community agencies for the building of these group homes, but also for help with maintaining these homes for current and future tenants.  For more information on these Homeless Assistance programs you can go to: Housing and Urban Development Homeless Programs

There is another Homeless assistance Act Program also in place (and also run by the US Department of Housing and Urban development) called the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act.  This act provides for what they call a continuum of care; a type of system that addresses the problems of homelessness through community centers and systems that identify those at risk and help them to obtaining shelter as well as basic unmet needs from physical needs such as shelter and clothing to economic needs such as tuition assistance and help for those looking for job placement.  Then of course there are social needs; the networking needed in order to establish oneself in a community, education and the acceptance of a family into the community.  There are a great number of programs that are included under this act and the monies and help available are many and varied.

Finally, the Department of Housing and Urban Development also has another program in place.  This program is known as the Emergency Shelter Grants Program.  This program not only provides homes and shelter for the homeless, it provides for these shelters in emergency situations such as extremes of heat or cold, flooding, disasters and the like.  If you would like more information on these Emergency Shelter Grants, please visit: Emergency Shelter Grants Program

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