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HIV is a growing problem not just in third world countries but in developed countries as well.  Indeed, there is such an HIV epidemic in the United States that most people cannot comprehend the extent of it.

While tentative treatments for HIV have been found; at least treatments that keep the disease from spreading too rapidly, there is, as of yet, no cure for HIV/AIDS.  The treatments that are available are incredibly expensive, but research into the disease is expensive as well.  For this matter HIV grants, specifically HIV research grants is important for those organizations researching the problem.

The money for this funding comes from a number of locations including private donations as well as funding from organizations and foundations as well as grant money from the Federal Government.

While the Federal Government does not provide individual persons grants for funding HIV treatments and for the paying of HIV medications, they do channel a good deal of money throughout a variety of programs which help individuals who have been diagnosed with HIV.  However, for those who are doing research regarding HIV treatments and the cure of AIDS altogether.  These programs and organizations do a tremendous job of helping individuals and programs get the funding they need in order to get their treatments as well as the money to continue on with their research.

Some Sources of HIV Grant Monies

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does a tremendous job on so many levels.  Their HIV/AIDS funding program is just one example of this.   These funds are used to expand awareness of HIV and AIDS in communities as well as in developing countries, producing support model country programs, research for effective HIV vaccines as well as advocating increased global awareness of the issues at stake.  For more information please visit: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

USAID. If your research is on an international level, you may want to look into USAID.  USAID is a global program that provides small grants to organizations that are looking to research cures for AIDS as well as effective vaccinations and treatments. For more information on USAID, please go to: US Aid Funding

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  The HHS has over 1.84 billion dollars at its disposal that is designated to be used for those with HIV/AIDS and in ensuring that they get the health care and medications necessary to improve their quality of life.  These monies are channeled through the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program.  These particular funds are especially important in undeserved rural and urban communities which tend to be higher in concentrations of HIV/AIDS.  For more information on this program, please go to: Health and Human Services News

And finally, the Ryan White Part A HIV Emergency Relief Grant Program is just one more in a series of HIV/AIDS programs that give money to researchers who are looking to expand their programs.  If you are looking for funding for your own research, you may want to check out their website at: HIV Emergency Relief Grant Program

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