Healthcare Scholarships And Grants

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a health care specialist then you may want to consider some of the healthcare scholarships and grants that are available from multiple sources.  It doesn’t matter if you want to become a doctor, a nurse, a medical technician or any of the other myriad of medical professions that there are out there.

Increasing Demand for Health Care

Over the years the demand for health care professionals has skyrocketed as the baby boom generation has started to age.  With the increase in demand for health care professionals has also come an increasing number of training programs corresponding to the professions that are needed.  Unfortunately these programs tend to be quite expensive, which is why being able to find financing to help you afford your education.

Types of Scholarships and Grants Available

The best option for being able to afford your medical training has to do with getting a scholarship or grant from the educational institution that you will be attending.  Most colleges, universities and educational facilities have a variety of grants and scholarships available to those who need financial assistance.  But these are not the only kinds of scholarships and grants that are available.

There are also scholarships and grants that are available from private institutions and organizations that provide you with funds to help defray the expenses of furthering your education.  Below are a few examples of the kinds of scholarships and grants that you can expect to find available.  A little time and research will provide you with plenty of opportunities.

Examples of Scholarships and Grants

The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals Scholarship of Excellence.    The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professionals Scholarship of Excellence is a scholarship program that provides a variety of scholarships to students who are looking to become medical professionals.  If you would like more information about these scholarships, please visit: Excellence Award

The National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program.  This program helps you to be able to afford the costs of your medical professional education.  Depending on the level of financial need of the student you can get up to four years worth of education provided.  For more information on this scholarship program, go to: Details

The Minority Nurse Scholarship Program.  This program awards $500 and $1,000 awards to nursing students from ethnic minorities.  The monies are supposed to go towards a BS in nursing. For more information on this program, please visit: Minority Nurse Scholarship

The Federal Pell Grant.  These grants are exclusively for undergraduate students who are working on a BA or a professional degree.  The eligibility of each student depends entirely on their financial need and a lengthy application process is necessary.  The good news is that this is grant money, which means that you do not need to pay this money back once it has been awarded to you.  For more information on PELL grants or to fill out the application, please visit: More information and link to FAFSA application

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