HBCU Scholarships And Grants

If you or someone you know is looking to attend a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) you may want to look into an HBCU scholarships and grants.  Luckily there are a number of them available thanks to the popularity of these colleges since their establishment.  But just what is a Historically Black College or University?

A Short History of Historically Black Colleges

Prior to 1964 it was difficult for African Americans to get into an institution of higher learning.  To provide them with an alternative, a number of colleges and universities were established.  There are currently 105 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the US.  While open to students of all races and nationalities and sexes, traditionally the majority of these students are African American.

Scholarships and Grants Available for HBCUs

Scholarships to Historically Black Colleges and Universities are available to most all HBCUs.  Most of the scholarships and grants are made available to black minorities.  However, there are also scholarships that are available to these colleges that are given to non minority individuals who are looking at attending the college.

Types of Scholarships Available

While there are some private individuals, organizations and organizations that make scholarships and grants available for those looking to attend HBCUs, most of the scholarships you will find are from the college themselves.  An example of the kinds of scholarships and grants available from outside organizations can be found below.  However, if you are interested in finding out what the college you will be attending has available you may want to visit your college or university’s financial aid office for a complete list.

HBCU CONNECT.  The HBCU CONNECT scholarship is just one example of an HBCU scholarship available from an outside organization or institution.  This is a $1,000 scholarship handed out to four individuals every year who are planning on attending a Historically Black College or University.  Applications require an essay and proof of financial need.  For more information go to: HBCU Connect

PELL GRANT.  An example of the kinds of grant opportunities available for HBCUs is the PELL Grant.  This grant is available to anyone who meets the financial requirements and who is attending or planning on attending an accredited institution of higher learning.  For more information on PELL Grants, please visit: FAFSA

Grants for Other Purposes

There are more grants available than just those for students who are looking to attend a Historically Black College or University.  There are also grants available for teachers and researchers who work with Historically Black Colleges and Universities.  These grants are given out by the government as well as private institutions and organizations and the monies can be used for specific research and educational needs.

With a little time and attention you can find any number of scholarships and grants that are available for those who will be attending a Historically Black University or College and by combining the various scholarships you can take a serious chunk out of the cost of a college education.

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