Grants For Students With Deceased Parent

It is hard enough to grow up in today’s society, but to grow up without one of your parents makes things even more difficult, especially when you are looking to pay for a college education.  The good news is that there grants for students with deceased parents (or one parent).  These grants provide money to help students be able to afford the high costs of education without having to go deep into debt.

What Kinds of Grants are Available?

When it comes to grants for students with a deceased parent, there are basically two kinds of grants available.  First there are those grants which are given out by the Federal Government.  Secondly, there are those grants that are given out by more localized groups and organizations.  Do not feel that you have to limit yourself when you apply for these grants.  Due to their very nature, most of these grants are not enough in their own right to pay for your whole education.  However, if you put several of these grants together you can put a serious dent in your college expenses.  So take the time to research available grants thoroughly so that you will leave no stone unturned when it comes to financing your education.

Examples of Federal Grants

The Federal Government provides several kinds of grants for students.  Some of these are available to all students who meet the financial need requirements (and a student with just one parent will most likely fall into this category).  Others are available only to those students with a deceased parent.

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.  If one of your parents died while serving in the U.S. military either in Iraq or in Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 there are specific kinds of grant opportunities for you to take advantage of.  These grants provide financial assistance to students under the age of 24 whose parent or parents died in these operations provided that the student was attending school at the time of death, or had already enrolled in a college, university or other accredited educational institution.  If you would like more information on this grant, you will need to fill out a FAFSA form and include the appropriate information when prompted.  To do so, or to find out more information, you can go to:

Pell Grant.  The Pell Grant is a baseline grant for students who fall under a certain economic level.  In order to be eligible you have to be attending school at least on a part time basis and this can only be your first degree.  The largest amount you can currently receive for this grant is $5,500 though it may be less depending on your economic need, which is determined by your filling out the FAFSA form.  To fill out this form and apply for a Pell Grant you can go to:

Example of Individual and Private Grants

When it comes to individual and private grants for students with a deceased parent, one of the best places (besides the federal government) to start looking, is in your local community.  Local community grants are usually based around community groups such as lodges and clubs (like the Elks or Knights of Columbus) or are given out by Police or Fire departments for the children of deceased fire fighters or policemen.  You can check with your local organizations to see if there are opportunities for financial help available, or you can search online for groups in your area that may be giving out scholarship or grant monies.

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