Grants For Senior Citizens

Isn’t being a senior citizen great?  Think about, you can get discounts at so many different places; free coffees or sodas, free food, special discounts on clothes and magazines and just about anything else you might have it in mind to buy.  But did you know that there are also a number of grants that are available to senior citizens?

If you are a senior citizen who is looking for free money to help you pay for various projects, or even to deal with everyday living expenses, it helps to know where to look.  First, there is money that is available through funding by the Federal Government.  Secondly is the money that is available from private organizations and institutions.

About Government Grants for Seniors

In spite of all of the hype you read on the internet today about there being tons of free grant money available from the government, it is a fact that the Federal Government rarely gives money directly to individuals, and when it does it is for very specific reasons.  That being said, the Federal Government does support a great number of programs whose goal is to be able to help senior citizens be able to afford everything from housing to health care to food and prescriptions and can help them to reduce their mortgage payments.  If you are curious as to which government programs and benefit programs you are eligible for, you can plug your personal information into the Federal Benefits Website for more information.

About Private Grants

There are a number of organizations and institutions that have programs in place to help senior citizens to care for their everyday needs.  When it comes to basic needs, one of the most active is the AARP Foundation.

The AARP Foundation funds a wide variety of programs that are aimed at helping low-income seniors meet the expenses of their everyday needs.  The specifics of these programs as well as information on how to apply for them can be found by going to the AARP Foundation Grant Program Page. But that is not all the AARP does.

The AARP Foundation also has a Women’s Scholarship Program that is aimed at helping low-income women ages 50 and up to fund their education in order to receive new training and upgrade their skills so that they can find work that will enable them to be productive.

And while we are speaking of education, keep in mind that many colleges and universities have programs in place that allow individuals over 50 years old to go back to college at significantly reduced tuition rates.  These include programs such as senior seminars and summer programs as well as continuing education programs.  You will have to check with the college or university that you are interested in attending to see what sort of programs are available for seniors in your area.

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  1. Joyce Duty says:

    Please send me information on getting grants for seniors.

  2. Vernice Newton says:

    I am a senior citizen I would love to have my certification to go to community college to get a business degree for my future. I need help in doing so ,thank you

  3. Helen Fluskey says:

    We need a grant to put in a shower unit because bath access is getting more difficult due to arthritis.

  4. Kathryn Kerchner says:

    I am 78 and would like my bathroom fixed up.

  5. Sandra Talsma says:

    I care for my brother who has COPD, and Lung Cancer, as well as my 50 year old Daughter who has diabieties, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesteral, Neuropathy, she receives food stamps. Most of my brothers social security goes for his medications and Oxygen, so we are trying to live on my social security, which gets harder all the time, with the higher costs of food, utilities, and gasoline. My home needs a new roof and other repairs, which I can not afford on my social security, I need some assistance so before winter hits again, we can get these repairs done.

  6. Julia Gibson says:

    I am 62 years old and retired, want to go back to school as an LPN.

  7. Susie Meeks says:

    I am disable and so is my husband. He has stage 3 liver cancer and we need a car for doctor’s visits and other errands.

  8. Barbara Comeaux says:

    I need a car we are disabled we have to get my granddaughter to bring us everywhere!

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