Grants for Moms

Are you a mom who is looking for a grant to help defray expenses or go back to school?  If you’ve been looking for grant money online you’ll probably have noticed all of the clever advertising suggesting that you may qualify for a grant and that you need to go to this or that website in order to see if you qualify for the money.  Well, there is good news and there is bad news.

The bad news is that there is not as much grant money for anyone out there as these sites would seem to suggest (in fact many of these sites are simply looking to get your information so that they can try to sell you something else).  The good news is that there is financial help available both to single and married moms, just not from the sources that you might expect.

What Kinds of Grants Are There?

If you are a mom who is looking for grant money, any funds available will usually come from one of two sources.  Either your grant money will come in the form of money or benefits from the local, state or Federal Government, or it will come from a private organization or foundation whose purpose is to help single mothers or low income mothers to get an education or to get the kind of training they need to get better jobs.

Where Do You Find These Grants?

If you are looking for grants one of the first stops for you is going to be the Free Application for Financial Aid (known as the FAFSA).  This form is convoluted and complex, but it puts all of your information in one place, and if you are looking for financial aid in order to go back to college or for certain kinds of technical training, you will need to fill out a FAFSA in order to be considered for many of the government grants such as the PELL grant.  Indeed, this form is so all-inclusive that many other grant programs out there require that you fill out the FAFSA so that they can use the information to determine your eligibility for their particular program, especially if that program is funded in some way, shape or form by the Federal Government.

If you are looking to fill out the FAFSA you can start by going to: FAFSA Gov Here you will find plenty of information on what sort of documentation you will need and how to go about filling out the form.

Of course grants for college education are not the only means of help out there to moms.  You can also look at what benefits the government has available for single moms or for those who fall into specific income brackets.  Depending on where you rate you may be eligible for government benefits which can help to defray everything from expenses regarding the purchase of food (WIC) to medical insurance (Medicare or Medicaid) and everything in between.  If you are looking for these kinds of benefits, please go to: Benefits Gov

For information on private grants from foundations and organizations, a quick Google search will bring up a lot of different grants that are available to women who are single or who qualify financially.  Each one will have different requirements for applying and different eligibility requirements that can make a difference in how you will be considered.

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