Grants For Future Teachers

Are you interested in becoming a teacher?  If so you have a great number of choices open to you when you look at funding your education in order to become pursue your dreams.  Not only can you choose to work directly with your college or university in finding grants and scholarships that are available for future teachers, you also have a number of outside organizations that are dedicated to seeing that the world gets more qualified teachers.  So take a look at some of the resources below and see if they would work in providing you with some of the financial support you need in order to become a teacher.

Getting Scholarships and Grants through Your College

One of the easiest and most practical ways to obtain a scholarship or grant for your work as a future educator is to be able to obtain a grant or scholarship through your college or university.  These grants and scholarships are awarded to those who demonstrate financial need, academic excellence or other traits that the institution deems important for those who are looking to become educators.  A quick visit to your financial aid office can help you in determining what kinds of grants available and what sort of timeline you are looking at in applying for these particular grants and scholarships.

Other Kinds of Grants Available

There are a number of other kinds of grants available for future teachers.  These grants run from those given out by the government to those given out by private organizations.  We’ve focused on two of the more popular grants out there for those looking to become teachers.  There is also one grant that has been included that is given to those who already have their teaching license.  While not technically “future teachers” these individuals oftentimes use this program in order to build their resume in order to get a better job in their field of expertise.

Siemens Foundation.  The Siemens Foundation has an incredible record for providing students and educators with the funds necessary to pursue their academic dreams, and their support of those who are looking to become teachers falls firmly into this category.  At Siemens there is over $7 million given each year to support a wide variety of educational initiatives including the funding of grants and scholarships for future educators.  Focusing on excellence of academic performance, those who get Siemens Foundation Grants are usually high academic achievers.  If you would like more information regarding the Siemens Foundation grants, please visit: US Siemens Foundation

Pell Grants.  Pell Grants are given out by the Federal Government.  These grants are awarded based on a student’s financial needs and regardless of the type of program that particular student is looking to achieve.  For more information on the FAFSA, please visit: FAFSA

A final organization is the Fund for Teachers.  This fund is distributed in order to enrich personal and professional growth of those who have already obtained their teaching license.  The types of projects this grant funds, however, can make the difference between a first teaching job in the states that is just okay, and one that propels you to the top of the educator’s ladder..  For more information please see: Fund For Teachers

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