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Update: Understand before you read this article the qualifications for a denture grant AKA “CHIP Program” are very specific to children under the age of 19 who have medical needs. There is also a domestic violence survivors teeth program/grant if you qualify.  I have also provided suggested alternatives to a denture grant below. Some readers have found solutions that may reduce upfront cost by up to 75%. On a personal note my father who is 57 has lost his teeth do to a side effect of his seizure medications. I was able to get him a 80% discount through a local dental school. The trick to getting a discount from a dental school is timing. Students are not always working on real people and I was able to get the dates when they were. They were more then happy to do the work at such a discount. Continue to article…

Did you know that you can get grants for dentures?  That’s right, if you need replacement teeth your need is considered to be important enough to warrant free money from a number of different sources.  While you may not qualify for each of these, chances are that you will be able to find the money you need in order to get your dental needs taken care of.

Why Dentures are Important

Having a full set of working teeth can be an important part of a person’s health and self-esteem.  But for those who are lacking medical insurance the costs of having extensive dental work done can be prohibitively expensive.  Just think, if you need a full set of dentures you could be looking at a costs of thousands of dollars, and who has that kind of money sitting around?  So, what kind of organizations are there that will provide grants for dentures?

Grants Available for Dentures

Do you qualify for Medicaid?  If you do, realize that Medicaid is actually funded by grants from the Federal Government to those who qualify.  When it comes to dental work, Medicaid only provides full coverage to children of low-income families who are under the age of 19.  If you are over 19 Medicaid only covers certain kinds of procedures.  While they may cover part of the cost of dentures, they won’t pay for the whole thing.  Still, it can significantly reduce your bill, so don’t write it off!

Another kind of grant available is the kind available specifically for children. For those families that qualify, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is a program funded by Federal Grant money that is given to state programs in order to care for your child’s medical needs.  If your child is under the age of 19 they may qualify, and this can be an excellent deal.

Then there are the programs that are available specifically for senior citizens as well as for those individuals who are disabled.  The National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped (NFDH) is a group of dentists and dental laboratories who work together within to provide these services to individuals at the costs specified.

Tamra who is one of our readers and also a survivor of domestic violence. As a result of her ordeal had damage done to her teeth she was able to find a program called Give Back A Smile Program this is a program for domestic violence survivors. This program can be found under the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Website

Finally, for those individuals who do not fall in under children’s programs or senior programs, there are always dental research schools.  These schools need patients that their students can practice on while they learn.  This means that you can get significantly discounted rates when it comes to dental work, including dentures.

While there are not a great number of options available to individuals without dental insurance, if you do a little research you may be able to come up with a way to afford your dentures without having to pay an arm and a leg.

For even more information see our most resent post about Free Dentures

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32 Comments to “Grants For Dentures”

  1. Brittany says:

    I am in desperate need of dentures , I wake up and go to sleep in pain everyday. Anything will help my paypal is thank you and god bless!

  2. Stephanie Johns says:

    I need help with out of pocket cost. I have insurance but am a single Mom. My teeth are falling out I have lost a front tooth all ready. I work as a server I need help

  3. Danny Tilley says:

    My teeth are in terrible shape, and I think that everyone of them is loose. I need some type of help where money is not a big factor.

  4. Shirley Jones says:

    Looking for assistance on dentures.

  5. Hi everyone.We are a mobile dental service in southern California called Mobile Denitstry of California. Please check us out and maybe we can help some of you guys

    • Carl Evangelista says:

      If you guys can offer a grant I will publish a story about you and mail out it out to our subscribers. We have a lot of people looking for some kind of grant offer.

  6. Carl Evangelista says:

    For more information see Kipp Shives post about Free Dentures

  7. Harh says:

    It is a shame, the USA the richest country in the world, trillions of dollars undeclared in the hands of a few and yet so many with basic needs and no help.
    I was hoping to find some help my self but it looks like there is none

  8. Melissa says:

    I am so pissed that I live in the MOST powerful economic country in the world, but can freaking smile because this country does not care for their own citizens. I’m disabled. I worked my butt off for years to support and raise two kids on my own even with the disability. Now I can’t even enjoy living. It’s disgraceful that we can’t take care of our own people. I have many teeth missing and many broken. Some are broken to the gum line. I can’t get coverage. My health is even further at risk because I can’t get them pulled out. How appalling is it that this rich, wonderful America won’t even pull out my teeth, but I could walk across the border to one of the poorest towns in Mexico (if I could afford a passport) and get a great deal on dental care? Traditionally, we have made fun of Brits for having bad teeth, yet they have a much better healthcare system. Our health, collectively, is not as important as sticking our nose into the affairs of other countries. Absolutely disgraceful!

  9. A Texan says:

    I am sick, sick, sick of those people who milk the government tit by having babies and getting all the care (medical and otherwise) in the world– many of which are not even American Citizens when I am an American who stands to lose her job that requires a professional appearance because my front teeth are falling out due to an injury. MY job does NOT offer Dental Insurance and the costs of dental care are out of control. I CANNOT afford the costs of getting the teeth fixed when I am having trouble paying my rent and buying food.

    RANT? YOU BET I am RANTING! YOU BET I am fricken angry. THERE IS NO help for those who try to help themselves. I am not one of those that knows HOW TO BEAT and MANIPULATE/MILK the system.

    IF I EVER GET RICH, the first thing I am doing is setting up a trust for people LIKE ME who need dental care but do not have finances or insurance to cover it and CANNOT get GOVERNMENT assistance because they CHOOSE TO WORK for a living rather than claiming to be Manic Depressant or Bi-Polar to get SSI to live on while getting fat sitting at home which needs MORE MEDICAL CARE because they get diabetes and high blood pressure and whatever else happens when PEOPLE let the government support them while they sit and eat and get fat.

    As far as these fricken CROOK DENTISTS and DENTAL OFFICES go, I will have a fricken list of DENTISTS that HAVE TO PASS THE MUSTER or else. I will be happy to expose those Dentists and Dental offices that ROB THE POOR.

    I am ANGRY! THIS business of DENTAL CORPORATIONS need to stop and old fashioned dentistry needs to come back.

  10. John Conant says:

    I am 80+ years old, I sat my dentures down last night and my dogs ate them. I don’t have any money to get new ones, and I don’t know what I am going to do.

  11. Joy says:

    It amazes me how many people need dental help. I’m frustrated as well with awful dental issues as residual from cancer treatment. I’m on SSD and cannot afford the expense of dental work or dental insurance. Most dental insurances only give discounts of about 50% and some only give you $1000 a year in dental work. What if you need more? I personally know individuals on Medicaid in my state (TX) and their children qualify for dental and even get braces! I can understand preventative dental and repairs but BRACES!?! That money could go to help folks who need basic dental care. Sorry, just my rant. I have not been able to find help either so I’m still on the search. Like most of you I cannot qualify for a loan either. Oh well, I will continue to search and pray for an answer.

  12. peggy says:

    i am disabled from cancer, i have raised 5 children as a single mother and now cancer. i am unable to pay for the dental work i need. the chemo and radiation on my entire scull has really damaged me teeth. some are broken to the gum line. please help.

    • Mary says:

      I know where your coming from! I was blessed with a cancer Dr. With a heart! The dental surgeon wanted to do it in his office,but my Dr. Said, NO! With my health problems it must be done in the hospital! When I told the dentist this, he said I will talk to him! He came back a few days later & said we will do it! But he pulled 19 teeth,some of which were broken and the skin had grown over! He did it in under 25 minutes & most of his stitches came out that same day & my face was badly bruised! Now Medicare will pay for the surgery/hospital part, but not the dentist! His part was over $4000! Thank the Lord and my Dr. It`s been 2 years and I have not gotten a bill, I am not bragging, I could get one tomorrow! I think my cancer Dr. Had a real good talk with him! Unfortunately, that did not include dentures! I have been toothless for 2 years! I called a dental school about 100 miles away, but they won`t tell u how much they cost! Just $80 upfront for the exam! There is nothing to examine! There is one place called affordable dentures that has a set for about $425, but I have heard they don`t last long! ￱God lead us to the right path to find help!

  13. Mary Wright says:

    Hello, I am a 54 years old mom of 4 I am single I left my husband for domestic violence. 3 of my kids are still in school and financially I just can not afford to fix my teeth. I cant eat most food and my face hurts. I was in a car accident 3 years ago and 3 months after I was in the hospital for 3 day that accident was in Mexico a hit and run. I did not have insurance in Mexico I was with someone else… please help me to fix my teeth

    • Tamra Bryant says:

      I am also a survivor of domestic violence, and after searching many many hours for help to fix the teeth that my ex broke…I came accross this program…and wanted to pass it on to you in case you may be eligible….I wish you good luck and a restored smile….

      Its called The Give Back A Smile Program…listed under the American academy of cosmetic denistry website….( a program for domestic violence survivors….

      • Carl Evangelista says:

        Hello Tamra

        This is a great program I am personally very grateful you shared this link. I have done a review and added it to the main article.

        Thank You!

      • Kelli says:

        I am a survivor of a lifetime of chronic abuse. I have been abuse free for two years and am a writer and advocate for domestic violence victims.

        I am disabled due to illness as a result of years of unrelenting stress. I am about to have all of my lower teeth extracted and am grateful to have medicaid cover the cost of this, as well as for a new bottom denture, however, the top denture needs replacing and it hurts. When i got the denture placed during surgery, it fit. A year later, it was too big for my mouth and they would not replace it. It is causing my muscles above my gumline where the top denture sits because it’s much too big. It hurts to eat and I have had mouth sores on and off for years. My smile looks different and it’s obvious that my dentures look too big and I kinda look like the ‘joker’ the way it stretches my lips and my face. It’s embarrassing to me. Shame is at the foundation of abuse. i’ve worked very hard in therapy to change that perception. While it would seem that this would be no big deal, it is. My now last ex abuser use to make fun of me. They slide all over my mouth and when I’m at home, I take them out.
        I looked at the site for dentures for survivors of domestic violence. My abuser didn’t knock my teeth out, however, there was much neglect due to the extreme trauma bond I had to my abuser. Part of the fallout from these relationships is attending to health issues that were neglected due to the dependence the abuser creates and the fear he incites. I don’t qualify for that grant because my oral situation is not directly related to his having knocked my teeth out.

        I’m sad to hear your stories. It makes mine seem so trivial. For abuse survivors, confidence rising from the ashes of shame, is truly critical to recovery.

        God bless.

  14. Ray says:

    I think the url for this site is kind of misleading. /grants-for-dentures. I don’t see anything to help me find a grant for dentures. I’m hopeful there is a government grant option for me, I’m just still looking. I’m 25 years old with horrible teeth and It has ruined my self esteem and confidence. I don’t even like to talk to people anymore because I look mad all the time and can’t smile at all. After having visited local dentists and being told upwards of $8-10k for the amount of extractions I need + dentures, I went to my local school of dentistry(happens to be the University of Michigan). But, even there I was unable to get the work done because I need to pay $2,000 to get the extractions first, then they’ll finance me for the dentures. I have no way to come up with the $2k. Its discouraging as I only make minimum wage at my job and can’t even almost afford it. Hopefully if you read this, maybe you have some new information, I don’t know…. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    • Dillon Corve says:

      Thank You for taking the time to write a comment. although you didn’t find a grant seems you have found an option that may help other people. We have updated the beginning of our article to point out the slim chance they will qualify for a denture grant.

  15. Lisa says:

    I’m w u sister! I never had a cavity until 2 yrs after being dx’ed w MS, then my teeth would just start breaking like twigs…. I couldn’t afford extractions so I have teeth below the gumline. I don’t know why medicare or will cover any of this, they say a healthy mouth is preventive care for ur heart etc. if u find anything, pls post it! Good luck

  16. kevin davis says:

    yes i have no teeth on top an four on bottom need help getting top plate hard to eat

  17. hollie says:

    Hi my name is hollie i am a diabetic and i have been since i was 11yrs old. Since i lost my baby teeth only one of my top front teeth came in so i have been through braces and i got a partial for my tooth but now that im older im haveing more teeth chip and break off. Ive been in so much pain through years. i dont have a partial any more and my front teeth are broke and only one front tooth im tierd of people thinking i do drugs, i never have in my intire life i despise people that do! I have two kids, i am a single mother, and all i want is to be able to smile without holding my hand over my mouth when i talk! I want to feel pretty and have confidence i feel like no one will even hire me because of my teeth please help me find the help that i need so i can actrually feel pretty when i smile and have the confidence that i need to get a job for my kids and for myself lease help and thank you for trying

  18. Jeff L. Sanders says:

    I am in desperate need of dentures. I can’t smile because I look like a Jack-o-Lantern when I do. It is very difficult for me to eat these days as well. I am worried it may eventually effect my health. Can somebody please help me? I work full-time but just make enough to get by. I need some kind of assistance. Please contact me with any information. Thank you!

  19. mike rocek says:

    I’m in the same boat. It hurts to eat anything. I’ve already avoided two abseses with antibiotics but i need a lot of work. My right front eye tooth is made from nail acrylic. I can’t eat so many foods or bite into anything. I think i have cavities in every tooth, lost fillings, sharp edges that tear up my tongue and probably need crowns bridges &god knows what else. Im in zip 33759 .if anyone can help i would cry of relief &consider them a saint

  20. Tim Vaughn says:

    I too need help in finding a grant, I’m disabled due to diabeties and my eyes, I have no insurance either, I have 5 teeth that remain in bottom but none in top. I even had to pull my last 7 top teeth with plyers because I couldnt find anyone to help me, I even went to 5 dentists and begged for help, they all said–Sorry you dont have insurance-we cant help you. I need help really bad and dont know where to turn too. Thanks!

  21. ann gaudin says:

    Hi I’m trying to find out where I fill out a app. To apply for a grant to get partial dentures as I am a cancer surviver of hard palette. I’m losing my front teeth and the back . I’m on ssi and don’t have the money to pay for them. I am only 31 and I hate the way my smile is. Please someone help me.

  22. Carolyn Meadows says:

    help me please . my teeth are so bad i hate to open my mouth a lot have fallen out and only stubs there , i would like to get a grant from the gov. to get them fixed as i am on a very low in come and dont have any money to get my teeth fixed. pleaseeee help me to find some one.

  23. John says:

    Once again, a site that does nothing but give you a run around. Worthless links. Thanks.

    • Dillon Corve says:

      Hello John

      I am sorry to inform you there is a lack of resources available for this type of grant. I try to supply the best links I was able to find. If I am able to find any other links on this topic I will post it.

  24. lorraine says:

    im disabled and in need of a set of dentures and my medicaid doesnt cover dentures

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