Grants For Asians

Being an ethnic minority in today’s America can be a good thing when it comes to helping fund your college education.  An example of these is the kinds of grants that are available for Asians in today’s educational communities.

Professional Funding Grants

Being one of the largest and fastest growing groups of minorities in the United States, Asians fall into a unique category when it comes to qualifying for professional or college programs.  Below you will find a number of professional grants and the links that will take you to pages where you can find more information on how to apply for them and what your qualifications need to be if you wish to be considered for the award.

The Asian American Journalists Association 

This group (also known as AAJA) sponsors three different kinds of grants; one for broadcast ($2,000), one for media Internship ($1,500) and three for broadcast interns for a smaller amount that is released at the time of the award.  For more information on these grants, please visit:

The Asian Cultural Council 

This counsel offers grants to those Asians who are currently working in visual or performing arts and are conducting research or who are going through specialized training.  These grants require quite a lengthy application process, but the amount of money received is very much worth it.

New York Foundation

Each year, the New York Foundation for the Arts provides over $2 million dollars in cash grants to individuals pursuing different artistic efforts.  The NYFA artist fellowship provides $7000 to New York based artists.  The Recharge Foundation provides a $5000 to surreal artists bases anywhere in the US.  And there are several others.  Visit New York Foundation for the Arts for more information.

Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program 

This particular program offers a number of students who are looking to purchase backpacks and come to the US to see what sort of options is available.  For more information, please go to:

Pell Grant

The Pell grant is available to any American citizen, and sometimes you can be awarded amounts up to $5,500 that will make you smile.  This grant is specifically designed to enable students who are American citizens and who do not have the financial resources to help them achieve their goals. Also, by applying for the Pell Grant.  For more information on the Pell grant, please visit: More Information on FAFSA

Keep in mind that these are not the only grants that are out there. There may very well be dozens of them out if you just know where to look.  Usually, it is simply a matter of being able to sift through the ones that are actually meaningful.  Knowing just what you are looking for as an Asian American can be very helpful indeed.

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