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If you are a student whose father is dead you may want to consider one of the various grants for deceased fathers that you will find out there today.  While any one of these grants may not provide you with a great deal of money, if you put several of them together or combine them with other types of financing you may just find yourself with enough money to make a serious dent in your educational expenses.

What Kinds of Grants are Available?

When you are a child with a deceased father there are a number of different kinds of grants available.  Some of these grants are made through the school or university that you will be attending.  Other grants are only available from private corporations or organizations while still other types of grants are only given out by the local or federal government for those with particular needs.

Federal Grants

Federal grants are some of the easiest to get as the only real stipulations for qualifications are financial need.  Check out the Pell Grant for example.  This grant is available to all students who fall into specific financial specifications regardless of whether they have a deceased father or not.  More information can be found at FAFSA

Another type of federal grant would be the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant.  This grant gives the children of those soldiers killed in battle either in Iraq or Afghanistan the chance to be awarded good sized grants for the upcoming school year.  You can find more information about this grant by going to FAFSA

Examples of Non-Government Grants

Oftentimes the deceased father of a student was a member of some sort of community group or organization such as the Knights of Columbus, a Grange, a Masonic Lodge, a police department, local school system or even a fire department.  Many times these organizations have their own educational grants; money that is made available to the students who are children of individuals who died in the line of duty.  You will have to check with the local organizations in your area to determine exactly what is available, but chances are that you will be pleasantly surprised.

Another choice for educational funding is the Life Lessons Scholarship.  This money is offered to students who have a deceased parent and the amounts awarded can range from $1,000 to $45,000 depending on financial need and the student’s ability to convince those awarding the money that they deserve it.

While these are by no means the only source of grants out there for those whose father is deceased  the information included here can definitely help in pointing you in the right direction as you continue your studies for discovering a means to defray the costs of what is becoming an incredibly expensive means of education.

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