Global Warming Grants

The issue of global warming is one that has many people up in arms both defending and fighting the idea.  At the forefront of these skirmishes are scientists and research that are looking at the hard data in an attempt to either support or disprove the idea of global warming.  But who is it that finances these researchers?   Better yet, if you are a researcher or scientist, how can you get your hands on some of that money?

Where Does the Funding Come From?

Many of those who are studying the global warming issues receive their support through various grants supplied from their educational institutions.  These grants may be financed by the college or university itself or they may be funded in part by private groups or organizations who have a vested interest in the outcome of the research.  If you are looking for funding from your college or university it is best to talk to the head of your particular department to see if there are any grants for which your work or research would be qualified.

Some of the funding for global warming research comes solely from organizations that are looking to prove a particular aspect (or disprove a particular claim).  These organizations will fund the research of a scientist who is doing their research in a related field in the hopes that they will come up with an answer or solution that supports their own views on the matter.

Keep in mind that in the private sector writing up a request for a grant can be quite a chore and there are specific guidelines involved that have to be followed exactly.  There are individuals who have made careers out of grant writing (creating grant requests) for those researchers and organizations that are looking for grant money from various sources.

Finally, there are a number of global warming grants that come directly from the federal government.  These grants may go to individual researchers or organizations that are funding research.  They may also go to states or departments that are looking to hire researchers to conduct studies regarding certain aspects of global warming and what should be done about it.  For more information on the different government grants that are out as well there as the specification on how to apply for them you can go to:

Whether your project is directly related to global warming or deals with one of the side issues stemming from the concept, there are bound to be research grants available for you.  All it takes is a little time to find out who is giving out the research money, crafting a grant application and request that will capture the funder’s attention, and then keep your fingers crossed.  Remember; don’t limit yourself to just one grant.  Apply for as many as you qualify for.

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