Free Cars For Low Income Families

There are a few organizations out there who offer grants (if not outright cars) for families in financial need.

Government Grants are not available specifically for vehicles, however, there are several organizations that either offer grants for cars or who award cars to deserving families outright.

Grants for cars for low income families come in one of two basic forms, they are either grants for money in order to purchase a car, or cars awarded to families outright based on financial need.  These cars and the money to purchase cars either come from nonprofit organizations or charitable organizations.

But, if you’ve tried to research on your own, you’ve probably found a lot of dead ends.  Here, we will eliminate the dead ends and try to route you only to current organizations.

Vehicles For Change

Vehicles for Change is a charitable foundation that awards low income families, individuals and nonprofit organizations rebuilt and repaired used cars to help them overcome the worst of their difficulties.  But Vehicles for Change is not free, however the prices are only to help them cover the cost of the repairs and can be for as little as $950.  The other hurdle is that you must be referred to them by a social service agency, and, from our review, it looks like they are only in Michigan and Maryland.  For more information regarding Vehicles for Change, go to:


Modest is a great organization with a website that’s very easy to navigate.  While they don’t grant cars specifically, they do help people in need and it’s all online.  Unlike most charities, Modest Needs is for working families that, because they are working, don’t qualify for government assistance, but who live paycheck to paycheck and may have found themselves in a catastrophic financial bind – like needing a car to get to work, for example.  Here is the application information has about 1000 links to donate your car, but finding how to apply for one of these cars is a little harder.  Here is the link to Apply to receive a vehicle.  They support battered women, people with physical challenges, families living in homeless shelters, and military families in need.  Note that, for vehicles, the and just points to

Buying your own vehicle

Buying your own car for under $1000 is a possibility from sites like AutoList Under $1000 or but you can’t be sure what condition the car will be in.  We suggest you bring a mechanic with you when looking to buy any used vehicle.

FAFSA for College Students

Check out more about how FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) could be used to buy a vehicle or transportation expenses. FAFSA

Your Local Church

Talk to your pastor, priest, minister or head of your local church.  People love to donate locally to see their donations in action.  Your church should be open to helping its members, usually by arranging a fund-raiser or simply mentioning your need.  It could be a monetary donation or maybe a church member has an older car just sitting on their property that another member could get running for you.  Click here to see more on this: Church Grants

These are all the  programs that we can find, but information is changing all the time.  Google “car grants” and you may find something new or organizations specific to your area.

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