Forestry Grants

Are you or is someone you know interested in forestry?  Regardless of whether you are studying forestry or are working in the field and are looking for funding, there are forestry grants available to you that can help you fund either your education or the research or forestry project that you are considering or which is currently underway.

What Kinds of Grants are There?

When it comes to forestry grants, the kinds available depend entirely on whether or not you are studying the subject or are working in the field.

If you are studying the subject or wish to study the subject, there are a number of grants available to those who have made forestry their major field of study.  These grants can almost always be found by going to your college or university’s financial aid department and asking them which (if any) grants you qualify for.  These grants (and/or scholarships) may be awarded directly from your school or a particular department of the college or university, or they may be awarded by individual organizations or individuals who have a vested interest in making sure that more students enter the forestry program.

Then of course there are the forestry grants that are awarded to individuals, groups or organizations that are studying, researching or working in specific areas of interest.  The grants listed below are given out to individuals or groups that are studying into things such as urban forestry, conservation and other issues addressing forestry today.

NUCFAC Grants.  These grants are awarded by the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council (NUCFAC) which falls under the umbrella of the United States Department of Agriculture.  These grants are made to foundations and organizations that are looking to revitalize communities etc.  Grants are not given out to individuals, but they do make it possible for smaller groups and communities to receive enough grant money to do so.  For more information on NUCFAC Grants, please see: FS NUCFAC

Urban Forest Conservation Grants.  These grants are made possible by other grants from the federal government.  The money is used on the state level in order to enhance urban trees and forests.  The state and federal funding is renewed annually, but the monies are usually awarded on a first come first serve basis and are quite competitive.  The point of these grants is to help communities in developing long term programs to manage forests in their areas.  Not all the money is awarded to groups; however, some of the grant money is used by the state in order to educate the public regarding their forests.  For more information on these grants, please visit: Forestry Program

While this may not be a comprehensive list, it does help to point you in the right direction when you are considering forestry grants and just what sorts of funding may be possible.

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