Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance Grants

There is nothing like being able to get out in the fresh air and expand one’s horizons, quite literally. Unfortunately over the last few decades there has been a decrease in wild places; in the parks and preserves where the wildlife that will keep our country healthy can flourish.  But where on earth can you find funding for Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance Grants?  Better yet, why would you need them?

The Fish and Wildlife Management Assistance Grants are given out to organizations, foundations and local and state agencies that are looking to help preserve the wild lands for future generations and to undo the damage that has been done over the last few centuries.

Modern man has done a good deal of damage to his natural habitats.  In fact, he has made it next to impossible for many other species to live in harmony with each other.  There are great numbers of animals, plant species, fish and birds that are on the verge of extinction.  Then of course there are others that are over-stocked.

Monies from the Fish and Wildlife Management Department may be awarded to state agencies for the maintenance of state parks.  It can be awarded to local governments for the preservation of local areas, forests, parks and the likes.  It can be awarded to Indian Tribal Governments to be used to preserve local traditions, or it can be used by conservation organizations so that they can preserve hunting and fishing agencies as well as build up new areas to be used by those who can appreciate them.

The various grants programs that receive monies from these Federal Grants include the programs that fall under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act, those animals and programs that fall under the Endangered Species Act, The Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grants as well as the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Act.

The monies received by these various programs can be used to ensure that those people and programs that deserve the money will receive it.  These monies can then be used in order to see to it that if any programs receiving monies from these grants will be for the benefit of the generations yet to come, especially when it comes to ensuring that the parks and wild lands will still be there for our children and our children’s children.

If you would like more information on these programs, specifically on the kinds of programs funded by the Fish and Wildlife Management Department in order to garner enough money to support your own individual programs or the health of your community’s surrounding areas for yourself, then you will need to visit the website where it is all listed, and that is: Fish and Wildlife Grants arming yourself with the information you need can make all the difference, especially when you are needing funds in order to maintain a particular area of your community.

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