First Generation Grants

Are you the first person in your family to ever have gone to (or consider going to) college?  If so you may want to consider some of the first generation grants that you will find available on websites around the globe.

What’s Important About First Generation College Students?

It used to be that you could make your way in this country without having to have a college education.  If you were intelligent and were able to work hard you had a chance of getting in with the right organization or being promoted to jobs that provided you with a more stable environment.  Today, however, having a college education is a must if you want to work at anything beyond basic minimum wage jobs.

Obtaining a college degree can significantly improve a person’s quality of life and social as well as financial status, which is why so many Americans are dedicated to ensuring that their children have a better opportunity to succeed than they did.  For many families this means putting enough money aside to enable them to get a scholarship or grant.  But what kinds of grants are available and where can these free monies for your education is found?

What Kinds of Grants are Available?

While there are grants that are parceled out through the federal government, there are also a number of sources of funding that fall firmly into the ‘private’ or ‘individual organization’ categories.  These groups and organizations usually have a vested interest in ensuring that students associated with these groups be given an advanced education.

Examples of First-Generation Scholarships and Grants

The Coca Cola First Generation Scholarship awards up to $5,000 for students who qualify by being the first in their family (and in their generation) to go to college.  This is a plus for everyone making sure that not only do the students get a chance at a better life, but that the families can have bragging rights about their child being the first to go to college. Coca Cola Scholarship

Another first generation scholarship can be found with the Sallie Mae First in my Family Hispanic College Fund.  These monies are available to students of Hispanic heritage who are the first in their generation to attend an institution of higher learning.   If you would like more information regarding this scholarship, please visit: Hispanic Fund Scholarship

Then of course there are those scholarships that are made available from the college or university that you are (or will be) attending.  It’s a fact that today most colleges have scholarships of this type; monies that are available to students who are the first in their families to go to college regardless of their heritage or financial backgrounds.  The colleges can then be proud of the fact that they have helped to raise the standard of living for a whole new family and that perhaps the next few generations will take it upon themselves to go even further with their educations.

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