Firefighter Scholarships and Grants

Are you looking to become a certified firefighter?  If you have looked into becoming a fire fighter you will have noticed that the process of training and certification can be quite expensive. The expenses do not stop once you are qualified and certified either, because then you have to take additional courses to maintain your certification.  Luckily there are a number of fire fighter scholarships and grants available for those who are looking to serve the community with their hard earned expertise.

Types of Scholarships and Grants Available

A quick overview of the various kinds of scholarships and grants out there can help you in achieving your dreams without having to go deeply into debt.  Some of these grants and scholarships are given through the training programs themselves, others are provided by either state or federal government agencies or even individual community organizations that are looking to bolster their community fire fighter roster.

IAFC Scholarships

IAFC (International Association of Fire Chiefs) offers six scholarships of $5,000 each on an annual basis.  The qualifications are that you have worked for at least two years as a fire fighter.  The funds given through this program are designed to help individual fire fighters go through college programs in fire science, fire engineering or even fire technology so that they can better serve their community.  For more information on IAFC Scholarships, please visit: International Association of Fire Chiefs

FEMA Grants.  FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) sets aside money every year in order to cover the cost of training personnel at fire training schools.  These grants are sent directly to fire departments, which then use the money to provide training to qualified individuals who wish to join the fire fighting team.  Not only is this money used for training, it is also used to purchase equipment needed by the fire departments as well as covering various other costs that the fire department may run into.  For more information regarding FEMA grant monies you will need to contact your individual fire department of fire fighter training facility.

The National Fire Protection Association.  The National Fire Protection Association supplements the funds received by FEMA, giving local fire departments scholarships and grants (both to individuals as well as the departments themselves0 in order to educate personnel.  There are four specific scholarships and a variety of grant monies available.  For more information, please go to: National Fire Protection Association

School  Scholarships.  If you are looking at becoming a fire fighter you may want to consider taking a college degree towards the program. Many times these colleges and universities offer scholarships for those who are looking at becoming fire fighters.

Regional Scholarships.  Specific regions or counties often provide would-be (or prospective) firefighters with scholarships of their own to help defray the cost of firefighter training.  While these funds may not cover all of the costs of a fire fighting program, they can go a long ways towards making the training and education more affordable.

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