Finding Truck Driving School Grants

Considering Truck Driving School is more than answering the lure of the open road. Truck driving is still a thriving industry at a time when many jobs throughout America are disappearing. Finding genuine truck driving school grants offers anyone interested in getting a CDL the chance at better wages, and a long-term career. Grants will usually take time so locating the one you qualify for, and applying before you will need to attend CDL school gives you the best chance of successfully having all or part of the tuition paid for ahead of time.

Workforce Investment Act
The United States Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration is one of the places those who can’t afford the fees can find truck driving school  grants. Through the WIA or Workforce Investment Act of 1998 programs funded by The Department of Labor have been setup to help people find permanent employment. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has invested nearly $4 billion into these services. Adults over the age of eighteen can apply for the Adults and Dislocated Workers grant. This grant is usually available for those who want to work in public service, but those who have problems finding re-employment due to local or national employment issues, such as a job becoming obsolete, and those who are living at or near poverty levels are also eligible. Those who want to apply for this grant can find information at (Update:  With the new administration, the Department of Labor no longer offers this grant as of 2016).

Pell Grants
Pell Grants are given to those with minimal income, and who want to attend school in order to enter a new career. With the Pell Grant expect to answer questions about your past income, employment and financial history. Some people have all or some part of their tuition for CDL school paid through Pell Grants, but also expect a long waiting period for an answer after your paperwork is processed. Information on Pell Grants online is found at .

In looking for truck driving school grants be wary of offers that seem too good to be true, and look through all the details of a grant to be sure you qualify before applying. For example, some have wasted time applying for the Commercial Driver’s License Program Improvement Grant which does not support grants for truck driving school students. Check with your state and local employment offices for other types of possible tuition assistance.

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