Fashion Scholarships And Grants

It is quite possible to turn a love of fashion into a means for financing your college education, just consider some of the fashion scholarships and grants that are available to those who qualify.  There are several different sources for fashion scholarships and grants, these in clued the college or university that you will be attending, the Federal Government as well as private grants and scholarships not to mention the various competitions that have as a reward monies designed to be used towards furthering your fashion education.

Fashion grants are usually treated somewhat differently than fashion scholarships.  Specifically, fashion grants tend to be awarded to individuals who are already working in the fashion industry who are looking to further their education or who are looking to advance their careers and the industry through new and innovative techniques and procedures.

Scholarships From Your School

If you are going to enroll in one of the majors that are focused on fashion you may want to consider applying for one of the scholarships available from your college or university.  These kinds of scholarships are almost always provided by the department that you will be studying in and those who get the scholarships must meet specific requirements and specifications in order to qualify for consideration.

Government Grants

Grants from the Federal Government are no respecter of persons.  Available to everyone who has specific financial needs, grants from the Federal Government are awarded on a yearly basis and though the process of applying may be a bit complex, it is well worth the effort.  For more information, go to: FAFSA

Fashion Grants

Fashion grants usually come from individual sources.  The one listed below is just an example of the kinds of fashion grants that are available.  Check with your college, local fashion industries and the like for a complete listing of grants in your particular area.

The CSA Stella Blum Research Grant.  Awarded to support an undergraduate CSA student working in Costuming (North America) this $3,000 Grant can come in quite handy.  For more information on this grant, go to: Costume Society America

Fashion Competition Scholarships

The Art Institutes Passion for Fashion Competition.  This competition is available to high school seniors who are wanting to pursue a career in fashion marketing and merchandising or retail management and involve submitting an originally designed piece of clothing as well as a marketing, merchandising or retail management product or plan.  More information can be found at:  Art Institutes Passion for Fashion Competition

The FIDM National Scholarship Competition.  This competition involves submitting a project in graphic design, fashion design, interior design, visual design, fashion merchandising or digital media artistry.  For more information please visit: FIDM National Scholarship Competition

The Stuck at Prom Duck Brand Duck Tape Scholarship Contest.  This fun and fanciful scholarship competition is open to high school students who will be attending the prom.  Couples create an original prom dress and tux out of duct tape.  They then wear the original creations to the prom and submit pictures.  The scholarship amount consists of $3,000 per student for first place, $2,000 for second place, $1,000 for third place and $500 each for the rest of the students who are in the top ten positions after judging.   For more information on this contest, please visit: Duck Brand

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