EPA Grants

If you are looking for grants related to environmental protection then you may want to consider one of the many grants available through the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Caring about the environment is something that was not always an issue.  For decades it was assumed that the environment would take care of itself.  Of course now we know that it hangs in a delicate balance and steps have to be taken in order to ensure that we do not do more harm to the environment (either purposefully or inadvertently) than we have to.  For that purpose the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was created.

The Environmental Protection Agency is an agent of the United States Government and its point and purpose is to oversee the protection of the environment and to ensure that citizens are educated as to those kinds of behaviors and practices that will benefit the environment and ensure that we have a clean and safe world for our children to inherit.  It manages a good bit of money from the federal government in order to filter down to smaller groups and agencies in order to help educate the American public and enforce the decisions that are made in regard to the environment.

Who Benefits from EPA Grants?

If you or your company or community or school group are looking to start a project directly related to environmental protection (which can include anything from recycling projects to community clean-up projects, chances are that the money that funds your project will have come from the EPA.  Keep in mind that the EPA does not usually fund these sorts of small projects directly.  However, they fund the organizations (including state level programs) which do fund these smaller projects.

If you work in an organization which is dedicated to educating and/or providing money to smaller group projects, you may be interested in the various grants and fellowships that are put out by the EPA.  These grants include everything from the revitalization of downtown communities to establishing community wide recycling projects to helping local businesses and community centers to go green as well as funding state projects such as the education of elementary, middle and high school students regarding the steps they can take to get involved in their own community programs. States as well benefit from EPA grants as a good portion of these grants go to various state agencies and programs that enable education and practical implementation programs.

How to Get Money from EPA Grants

If you are looking for money or funding from an EPA grant the best chance is to have the organization or group that you are working with apply to the State or another agency that is in turn funded by the EPA.  A small community organization or group will not usually receive money from the EPA directly, but with a little research you can find out which groups are receiving the money.

For more information on EPA grants, please visit: EPA.gov Page

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