Electronic Medical Record Grants

Advances in technology have enabled great leaps in all areas including technology, and especially in the areas of computer technology.  Indeed, the advances in computer technology have grown by such huge amounts that it is now possible to track any individual’s medical records electronically, and even to share them between various medical institutions.  The technology to do this is called Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems, and while the technology is incredibly expensive to implement, there are grants available to help you put these systems into place.

A Short History of EHR Grants

In 2009 the United States Health and Human Services department awarded $27.8 million dollars to both health center controlled networks as well as multi-site health centers in order to help them switch over to electronic health records (EHR) systems.  This move was met with such tremendous success that now smaller hospitals and medical care centers have started looking at implementing these systems as well.

Why do you Need an EHR System?

Electronic Health Records systems are a great way to get your records organized and to ensure that physicians and health care specialists can have all of a patient’s information at their fingertips instead of having to thumb through thick paper records and to interpret messy handwriting in order to find the information that you are looking for.

By installing an electronic health record system you can streamline your patient’s records, but it is not an easy or cheap process.  Each patient’s file has to be scanned into a computer system which will then correlate the information and create electronic files, thus making it easier to find the information that you are looking for.  In addition to this, those who use the electronic records system have to be trained in how to use the equipment properly, including how to add information to a patient’s chart so that it will be correlated into their files.

How to Get an EHR Grant

Different manufacturers of various Electronic Health Records systems are now looking to expand their clientele.  In order to do this they are looking at helping to defray much of the cost of implementing the electronic records system.  The grants that these manufacturers award will not cover the entire cost of an Electronic Health Records system, it can significantly reduce the amount of money that eligible medical practices will have to outlay in order to install these electronic systems.

An example of a HER Grant would be that offered by Quest Diagnostics.  Quest has a grant program in effect for eligible medical practices.  This grant covers 85% of the retail price of a Care360 electronic health record system.  It also covers 85% of the retail cost of the standard training and implementation of the system itself; including the scanning and correlating of records.

For more information on Quest’s program,

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