Easy Grants To Apply For

Far too many students avoid applying for grants because they are afraid that the process is going to be too difficult.  Believe it or not there are easy grants to apply for; grants that can be applied for just by answering a handful of questions and providing the organization with your financial information.

Grant Application Processes

It is true that many grants are difficult to apply for, especially when you get to the graduate and doctorate educational levels when you have to justify your claim to the grant monies and convince a panel that you, your program or your research is deserving of the monies that are available.  Thankfully it is far easier to apply for grants when you are an undergraduate.  This doesn’t mean that there is no work at all involved in the application process; simply that it is easier at this level.  But what all do these grants cover, and where can you find them?

What Undergraduate Grants Cover

Most undergraduate grants either cover a portion of the student’s tuition.  This can be a small amount that will barely make a dent in your expenses or it may be a large grant that covers the entire cost of your college experience including tuition, room, board, books and other expenses.  The amount of your grant will depend entirely on the kind of grant that you apply for.  Keep in mind that money that is awarded for books, tuition and fees is usually tax deductible while grant money spent for room and board may be taxable.

Easy Grants to Apply For

There are a number of grants that are easy to apply for.  One of the easiest is the Pell Grant awarded by the federal government.  You can go to FAFSA.gov to start the application process and the website will not only give you all of the information that you need in order to start (and complete) the process, it will walk you through the process and give you tips on how to fill it out completely and accurately.  Fair warning, you will need all your available financial information in one place before you start the application process, because once you start you will need to finish all in one go.

Another easy way to apply for grants is to go to your college or university’s financial aid office.  These offices usually have a list of grants that are available and can use the financial information already on file for you in order to apply for other grants that may be available.  In fact, some financial aid offices will actually walk you through the process, pointing out what sorts of grants are available for you and reminding you by email as to when the deadlines come due.

Other grant sources may be more difficult, but even the most cumbersome of application processes can be worth the extra money that you can get towards your college education by applying for any grants that may be available.

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