Domestic Violence Grant

Domestic Violence has been called the silent epidemic.  So many women and children suffer from domestic violence every year and so little is done about it.  It is all wrapped up with pride and with social standing.  Women who suffer from domestic violence may feel that they have no other choice; that they have nowhere to go and no other options but to remain in their often dangerous situations.

Concern for those who suffer from this scourge has encouraged the creation of a number of government funds earmarked for use in Domestic Violence programs.  These grants are then filtered down through a number of government programs so that communities and community groups and organizations can benefit from the financial help available.

One of the largest grants is that offered by the United States Department of Justice.  The grants offered by this department go to help organizations and foundations that provide help to members of a given community.  The money can be used for community education or to develop a new program or programs or to bolster existing domestic violence programs, crises help lines and the like.  For more information on the grants for community organizations from the United States Department of Justice, please visit: United States Department of Justice Grants

Another excellent foundation is that of the Avon Foundation for Women.  Avon gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to establishing community organizations and programs that will help those who find themselves unable to remove themselves from violent relationships.  These grants can be used to establish crises hotlines, to open battered women’s shelters, and to educate communities regarding what domestic violence is and how to avoid it.  For more information on this and other programs offered by the Avon Foundation for Women, please see: Avon Foundation for Women Domestic Violence Grant

Another option for grants for your community is to be found in the Allstate Foundation Grant Program.  What Allstate is best known for with this program is for helping women who leave abusive situations to find their options in regards to their finances.  By learning how to track their income, determine their benefits, provide education regarding the need for financial security as well as give out microloans and prepare individuals for job readiness and give them job training so that they can take back control of their own lives instead of feeling that they have to be dependent on men (and abusive ones at that) in order to keep themselves and their children fed and cared for.  If you are looking for more information in this regard, please visit: Allstate Foundation Grant Program

As you can see, while there is no government money that goes directly to individuals who have suffered from domestic violence, there are a good number of programs through which the money is filtered so that it reaches those for whom it is intended.

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