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Are you looking for grants for ecological education or conservation?  Then you have come to the right place!  With so many people finally discovering the importance of conservation when it comes to this planet’s future, there are also more and more sources of funding for conservation grants coming available.  Take for example Cyber-Sierra’s Conservation Grants. What Cyber-Sierra does is provide funds for school and community programs that bring an awareness of ecological and conservation issues to the attention of communities. This can include forest stewardship programs, urban garden projects and environmental education programs, just to name a few.  For more information on this program, please refer to: Conservation Grants .com.  But of course these are not the only grants available.

Another excellent source for conservation grants comes from the National Geographic conservation grants.  These grants include grants for exploration, research and conservation on issues pertaining to all of these areas.   For more information on what National Geographic has to offer in the way of educational grants and programs, please visit: National Geographic Conservation Grant Programs for more information.

The Conservation Alliance has an excellent reputation when it comes to conservation projects and for funding a wide variety of programs.  This is why it was such good news when it was discovered that the Alliance had received more funding than usual and was able to step up its giving.  From awards to the Appalachian Mountain Club to the Alaskan Wilderness League, the Alliance appreciates all things related to conservation and takes great pride in their work.  For more information, please see: Conservation Alliance Grants

The National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program was established by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to provide matching grants to states in order to acquire restore and manage coastal wetlands.  So far over 25 coastal States and Territories have had monies awarded.  If your state is looking to obtain monies in order to establish a specific coastal wetlands conservation program then this may be something you will want to look into.  More information can be found at: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Coastal Grants.

A different approach to conservation comes from the USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service where grants are given out to organizations and corporations or businesses that can demonstrate innovative conservation approaches regarding technologies and uses of science in developing new ways to approach ecological and conservation issues and to see to it that our natural resources are around for years and even for generations to come. For more information on this particular program, please visit: USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service Programs and Grants

As you can see, while there are individual monies available for conservation programs, there are also government programs which filter government grant money for conservation programs and projects through the appropriate channels so that the money gets to where it needs to go.  Only when the money arrives at its destination can you rest assured that positive steps towards the conservation of the environment are being taken.

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