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If you are looking for funding for your church or church based group, you may be curious as to what sorts of grants are available.

There are so many things that Church’s could use money for.  From expanding their physical buildings to building a Church school or community center to funding an operation for helping those in need to basic everyday costs of operating a Church, there are dozens of things that the money could be used for.  But this isn’t money that you’ll find just anywhere.

Grants as you know are free money that is given out by a specific funder to those who meet their specific requirements.  When it comes to giving grants to nonprofit organizations, most grantors are very specific.  The organization in question must be considered a 501(c) (3) organization with the documents on file to prove it.  Grant applications (or proposals) are required for monetary support no matter if you are looking to obtain the money from a government agency, a corporate sponsor, or another nonprofit foundation or organization.

When you are looking to request money as a nonprofit, there are a few things to keep in mind.  First off is that you must be tax-exempt (which is what the 501(c) (3) means).  That is, your organization must have a tax exempt status.  Also, most of those who give out money to nonprofit organizations require that an annual report be issued by the nonprofit group so that the year’s activities (including income and expenses) can be viewed by those who have given the organization funding.  This enables the grantor to determine if the money given was used for those things the nonprofit said it was going to be used for.  This kind of transparency makes it more likely that you will be able to get funding from other organizations that see that you hold true to your promises and obligations.

These kinds of grants are not always easy to find.  While there can be some monies available from the Federal Government for tax exempt organizations, the money usually comes with certain requirements and many Churches would rather not be held to state specifications for their funding.  Most Churches prefer to go to independent organizations or foundations for their financing.

So if you are looking to see to it that your Church receives the funding it needs, whether for choir robes, maintenance, construction, or to fund youth groups or community welfare projects, don’t hesitate to look into some of the organizations that fund Churches.  And if your Church is not adverse to government funding, you can check into what government grants are available for tax exempt organizations by going to:  Grants Gov.

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