Breast Cancer Grants

There was once a day when Breast Cancer was mysterious.  Nobody knew much about it and it was seen as an enigma.  But as the number of women suffering from breast cancer has grown over the last few decades and as the treatments for breast cancer has become more effective and screening procedures for breast cancer have become more efficient, breast cancer has become demystified.  As breast cancer has hit public awareness, a number of programs and foundations have cropped up that provide funding; grants and research grants for those who need financial help for breast cancer treatments as well as for funding for research for cures for breast cancer.

Types of Breast Cancer Grants

Susan G. Kormen for the Cure is probably one of the most well-known funding programs out there today.  Begun back in 1982 after the death of Susan G. Kormen who had fought breast cancer for years.  After her death her sister Nancy G. Brinker, who had promised her sister that she would do everything possible to see the end of breast cancer.  The result has been phenomenal, with millions of dollars raised for breast cancer research.  The sheer number of scholarships for individuals, grants for communities and research grants for institutions is unbelievable.  If you are curious as to what is available, please visit: Komen Research Grant

Avon Foundation for Women is another excellent organization that provides grants for foundations, organizations and institutions that are nonprofit in nature in order to end breast cancer, domestic violence and provide victims with emergency disaster relief.  For more information on what is available from the Avon Foundation, see: Avon Foundation Funding and Grants

The Nancy R. Gelman Foundation (NRGF) has what is called a Seed Grant Program where they award monies to organizations and institutions that are actively pursuing a cure for breast cancer or who provide relief (financial and otherwise) to those who suffer from breast cancer.  More information can be found at: Nancy R. Gelman Foundation Grants

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure for the disease by funding clinical trials at medical and research centers around the world. One of the best things they fund are cancer awareness programs around the country.  For more information, visit: Breast Cancer Research Foundation Cure

The Breast Cancer Alliance awards five research grants, two breast surgery fellowships and eleven educational and outreach grants each year.  Organizations that would like to put in for these monies can find information on qualifications and application by going to: Breast Cancer Alliance Grants

While these are not by far the only organizations and foundations that provide grant monies for breast cancer therapies and research, they are some of the best and biggest out there with some of the largest amounts of grant monies available.

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