Biology Grants

Biology grants come in many different shapes and sizes.  If you are curious as to whether or not you are eligible for biology grant there are two questions to ask yourself.  First, are you enrolled in or looking to enroll in a biology program at a college or university?  Second, if you are not a biology student are you conducting research that is related in some way to biology?  If the answer to either of these questions is yes than you very well may be eligible for a biology grant.

What Sorts of Grants are Available?

Biology grants are usually very specific.  Usually these grants are only made available to those who are either studying biology or to those who are researching various aspects of biology.  If you are a biology student then your best course of action is to visit your college or university’s financial aid office.  They will have a list of biology grants that are available and will be able to tell you if you qualify for any of these grants.  You may also want to look into any individual grants that may be offered to students who are taking biology or biology related programs of study.

The Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR) program was established by the SICB in order to provide graduate students who are researching integrative and comparative biology.  The awards are made to individual students and are designed specifically to be used toward a student’s tuition.  If you are interested in this particular grant, please visit: SICB Research Grant

Another related grant is that of the Fellowship of Graduate Student Travel (FGST).  This was also established by the SICB in order to help defray graduate students’ travel expenses when they travel to far flung field sites, museums or research laboratories where they may be doing research into a specific area of biology.  If you are interested in this grant or a related grant, please visit: SICB Grant

If you are doing research into the biological sciences then you may want to look into Research Initiation Grants (RIG) from the Directorate for Biological Sciences at the National Science Foundation.  Here you find monies that are given out to those studying specific fields, especially to researchers who fall into specific ethnic groups such as African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians or Pacific Islanders.  If you would like more information regarding this specific grant, please visit: NSF Funding

While these are not the only biology grants available they should help in steering you towards the kinds of grants that are out there as well as giving you an idea of where to look in your search for funding your education in biology or in financing your research into specific biological areas of study.  With a little time and research you should be able to find a good bit of money towards your educational or research goals.

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