Adoption Grants

If you have ever looked into adopting a child you will know just how expensive adopting can be, which is why it is lucky that there are so many adoption grants available to help couples realize their dream of having a family.

The list below is in no way comprehensive for there are far too many adoption grant programs to include here.  However, keep in mind that not only are there independent organizations willing to help fund your adoption dreams, there are also plenty of religious organizations that will contribute significant amounts of money towards the adoption of children by members of their congregation, so make sure you check with your local religious agencies as well as the kinds of agencies listed.

About Adoption Costs 

Adoptions can cost a good deal of money, especially if you are looking at adopting children outside of your own country.  With financial assistance the process of adoption can be sped up significantly since you do not have to come up with the various fees and charges that are usually associated with being able to bring a child into your country in order to make them a part of your family.

By using the information below you can help to speed up that process and cut out the headaches involved with not having enough cash to go through the adoption process. Before you know it you too will be recognizing your dream of having a family.

Types of Adoption Grants Avaialable

Gift of Adoption Fund.  The Gift of Adoption Fund is a charitable organization that works nationwide to help qualified parents be able to afford the costs of adoption.  To take a look at the application process you can go to:  Gift Of Adoption

Helpusadopt (Help Us Adopt) .  Help Us Adopt is a non-profit 501(c)(3) financial assistance grant program.  This program is dedicated to providing couples who qualify with the funds needed to be able to afford adoption.  For more information on the application process (a process that is the same for everyone regardless of race, religion or ethnicity) please go to: Help USA Adopt

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. It is a fact that the hardest to place in adoptive homes are those that are in Foster Homes already.  The Dave Thomas Foundation’s goal is to provide grants to agencies that are looking to place foster children in order to train them and qualify them in order to speed up the adoption process and cut out some of the middle men.  Although the Dave Thomas Foundation does not help individual families to adopt, if you would like to see what kind of information and financial assistance is available from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, please visit: Dave Thomas Foundation – Grants Page

Show Hope. Show Hope an example of a religious organization that is dedicated to making adoption practical and affordable.  With costs running between 10K and 45K for an adoption, unless a family is independently wealthy they may need a good bit of financial help in getting through the adoption process and they are committed to helping place orphaned children with Christian families.  If you would like more information on the kinds of financial information that Show Hope has to offer, please visit: Show Hope Adoption Grants

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